avast and comodo optimum settings

i have recently installed avast 4.8 home edition along with comodo 3 firewall pro …At the time of install i Have chosen

the option to install both firewall and defense+.Both avast and comodo are working well but i want to know about

best settings of both so as to serve the purpose well and with less use of RAM.for example Avast has 7 on access

control options and i have turned off network on time access option for avast as comodo will take care of network

security well.

What else i could try to free up some ram and also achieve best protection using both.

I have also installed spybot along with comodo BO clean.

Right now i have not done anything with the comodo settings. Its default one.

I have got a RAM - 512 Mb and 1.6 dual core pentium.Currently using windows XP - SP 2 :slight_smile:

If you really want to slim down with avast resource usage you can disable all the shields accept the Standard Shield b/c it scans everything accessed anyway.

CFP and avast work well together and are a great combo. default settings, esp. for CFP should be fine

I have CFP 3.5 and Avast 4.8 Home and no problems for couple years now. I only run the Standard and Web Shields set to “HIGH” and do not use an email client at all. Yahoo webmail only.

Avast doesn’t recommend putting webshield on high because if you are downloading a big file that will slow the pc down because it will scan the downloaded file espeially when using a bittorrent app and downloading big files.

defense+ makes your pc supersecure.

I already switched it back to Normal, actually. Thanks for the reply.


Hope this helps.

My personal opinion is comodo is fine to be used without another Av now…