Avast 8 Beta?


Is it official?

Nothing in Avast forum.

Installed in CIS Virtual Kiosk

Here are few screenshots attached-----

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Saw that a few days ago. As yet it’s not offical from the words of Avast staff just like we found CIS 6 before it’s official release but it’s ready for the beta testing yes.

Just heard now from one source that this is a ‘closed beta’ but how it is available to others on the net in this case I don’t know.

I wouldn’t expect to find a closed beta on MG. ???
Live and learn. :slight_smile:

It is a leaked internal beta, it was only meant for the avast evanglelist.

Avast 8 Beta leaked

Does anyone know if the Avast Free Antivirus 8 will come with browser sanboxing or if that will only be an option in paid products? Other than the new interface it sounds like Avast Free Antivirus 8 might not be too different than version 7. :slight_smile:

Yeah found this today. News update: Avast 8 official ‘open/public beta’ will come out this or next week.

It’s too early to tell. They still might change few things. No Avast 8 is a big jump from Avast 7. Why? New improved firewall from the Agnitum (firewall filtering). Much faster and stable AV, faster scanning. And from what I saw much better malware detection. Improvement in the SafeZone and the Autosandbox. Software Health monitor to get the latest updates is easy now. And much more…

I don’t know how malware geek got this if it was a closed beta.

I found a working download link floating out on the web…
i guess i will give it a shot and see what a mess it makes or not with CIS 6 Firewall Only Install With Comodo Dragon and Silverlight for Kiosk.
No Geek Buddy,No Anti Error, No Antivirus.
Interesting that the build number that’s current in avast 7 is 7.01474 and the avast beta is build 8.0.1475…
So far it Avast is running nicely.It’s the antivirus only. I did a custom installation and did not install the behavior shield, and disabled the avast autosandbox…It registered for a year with my email and updates are working fine…
I just noticed today it’s spreading on the torrent sites. so it’s getting wide use now.

Don’t go after Avast 8, I uninstalled it after i discovered a rootkit on my pc with GMER.
www.gmer.net. the two products would conflict. I re installed avast but they blocked the registration so it’s good for 30 days. look likes it’s back to Avast 7 for me . Darn… :-TD

Check this video of Avast 8 out. It’s definitely Blocks some Malware!. But he really changed the settings watch it in action.Hope the public Beta is soon ;D


Avast 8 Public Beta is Here!! But it Does Not Run With Windows 8. Way to Go!

yet they say…So i supposed it will be a few days for Windows 8

hopefully it does well in my test because if it lets a rootkit again i will never ever recommend this av ever again

It did well in the tests so far. Avast is a good AV but it is not enough to protect your system on it’s own you need HIPS/BB like in the Comodo. And Avast still need to work on it’s own sandbox technology.


I run Avast 7 with Comodo firewall. I uninstalled the Avast behavior Shield and disabled the Autosandboxing in Avast and left it up to Comodo to Handle those.

The feature analyzes & detects threats & if doesn’t detect threats lets you continue normally. No sandbox here so why the feature is named as autosandbox in Avast?

By the way, is the File Reputation now added for detection in Realtime i.e FileShield of Avast?

If I remember correctly in one of Youtube video I saw a detection wherein the popup mentioned File Reputation detection.

Because sometimes it actually does autsandbox something. but it is so rare.