Avast 7


Avast 7 screenshots posted on Wilders. The link above.

Avast 7 looks good.

looks pretty cool. cant wait to try it out

!ot! to bad we cant get some screenshots of upcoming cis versions but it sounds like a small group has avast 7 so im sure once mods get alpha we will get some more info

Well they at least stuck to their word :wink:
They said February and seems like it’s here.
Look forward to hearing the feedback and tests for this release.

When was CIS 6 Beta promised i.e potential beta release time, January, right?

Firstly, stay on topic please.
Secondly, “promised” [citation needed] or remove the statement and stop saying it.


What I meant was what was the potential time of beta release mentioned by Melih in the forum.

Few Vids from avast forum, not much to work on tho :-X

This thread doesnt exist anymore

i think the avast evangelist (the members that had access to the closed beta) were getting mad that details were being public posted, so im thinking that the topic was closed.

Quote from LowWaterMark @ Wilders.

We received a formal request from Avast to delete the thread of this name because it is a private beta. Screenshots and such are not allowed to be released to the general public.

Guess we will have to wait a while longer.

Yes, the older forum members received a private beta first.
By the way, the final release was done today. avast! 7 is out.

Avast 7 final
naren, where your test on avast? :slight_smile:
we wait… :wink:

Languy99 released a review of v7 final

I will try to test the final release. This was the fastest Avast release I guess.

Languyy99, I watched your video on Avast 7 Final.

I think Avast 7 is definitely an improvement over previous version. AutoSandbox is improved coz of File Rep. File Rep popup is for downloading but Vlk has mentioned that locally File Rep popup is not there but AutoSandbox do takes help of File Rep so definitely this has improved AutoSandbox.

I think & have always thought that they should enable PUP by default. Your test & mine too suggests that it detects quite a lot with PUPS enabled.

Can you tell me how many Comodo AV detects that 2289 malware? I mostly test & compare Comodo AV & Avast coz I find these better than others so just wanted to know.

I wanted to know does the system needs to be restarted so that Avast clears anything AutoSandboxed or no need for restart?

I dont know how File Rep will do against safe apps but fairly new?

Currently testing Avast 7 Final. Lets see how it does here & will post in the forum the results.

There are reports in this forum, that the web shield of avast 7 is leading to leaks in the comodo firewall protection. Is it a common effect?
I am not in test mode :wink:

Can you post a link to the thread? Thanks.


Posted there. I can’t see how avast! Web Shield (that works as a local proxy) can bypass the Comodo Firewall. Well, at least, I can’t see the problem by the avast! side then… 88)

Did you test, or guessed it?
There are two reports of this. I choosed the one in announcements. Dont get mislead by the post count of the OP.
Thats the other one.
He speaks about windows 7. Others speak about xp, without having problems.

So there seem to be cases where indeed the traffic is not blocked by comodo under circumstances. Since version 7. And even if the same setting was ok with version 6.