Avast 5 and C.I.S.


I need some advice. A 5 has a file named avast.setup that installs and uninstalls automatically. Also A 5 has like 13 .dll files that changes every time A 5 updates. I have these files in “My Own Safe Files” and I also have them in “Computer Security Policy > avast.setup > Access Rights > Protected Files and Folders”.

See images below.

Since these files changes to a different folder, ej. 100127-0 to 100127-1, Comodo alerts comes up every time. If I am not around the PC by the time Avast updates, Comodo denies them and Avast does not updates.

If I have Comodo in “Clean PC Mode”, there is no problem but in “Safe Mode” I always get the Alerts. Also since avast.setup is not in the PC when I “Purge” non existing apps, I have to remember to reboot for avast.setup be in my rules again. However, since I am using Comodo in “Safe Mode”, my safe files and my protected files and folders do not populate with the .dll files and when A 5 updates I have to answer all 11 or so new .dll files. WOW it is a boring cycle. Please help.

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Have you tried using a wildcard to simply get the whole folder containing the definitions instead of the individual defs folders?

Something like:

C:\Archivos de programa\Alwil Software\Avast5\defs*

Hi HeffeD.

Why did I not think of that ???

Would it be written in My Own Safe Files and Protected Files/Folders?

How do you go about doing it? I tried it in my own safe files and a warning saying the Parameter is not correct did not let me add it to my own safe files.

Thank you.

OK I could do it in Access Rights > Modify Files and Folder, but in My Own Safe Files does not stick. Why???

Hey HeffeD

Thank you. It seems that with that wildcard in Access Rights was enough. However Avast.setup file is needed in My Own Safe Files.

I did a reboot, I was doing something else at the time and I was not expected Avast to update until later tonight, and Avast found and update and it did it without any popups. nevertheless If I purge avast.setup a popup for it will come up for firewall and D+.

Thank you again and I will keep my fingers crossed.

I have Avast5 and D+ in Clean PC. When Avast updates, I get no alerts but all the updated files wind up in the pending files list. Alwil is in the Trusted Vendors list so why should this be happening?

Exactly my point. Avast 4.8 has one .dll, do not remember the file exactly, that regenerates in every boot and update, but CIS does not have any problem with it. Now, in A5 there are at least 13 files that regenerates and unless CIS is in Clean PC Mode, they will make CIS to popup alerts. At least now with deft* in Computer Security Policy>avast.setup>Access Rights>Protected Files/Folders I do not have any more alerts. Mind you Avast.setup can not be purged otherwise when the PC is rebooted or updates are due avast.setup will come up once for the firewall and 13 times for D+ and of course avast.setup itself and one Device\Aft\Endpoint.

I hope some one in Comodo is working on it. For my part I install and uninstall programs all the time so I purge CIS often, but now I have to remember to reboot again in Clean PC Mode to allow avast.setup to populate My Pending Files and then move it to Safe Files and to add the deft* wildcard.