Avast! 4.8.1227 is available

Avast! 4.8.1227 is available :slight_smile: But because there is no official notification on their website or on the forum, I don’t know if this is still a Beta release or an Official release. My guess is that it is a Beta release :-\ Keep an eye on this topic :

Update : From the reactions on the forum you can conclude this is an Official release :slight_smile: But at the moment only available when updating Avast! it self :wink:

Greetz, Red.

No its not beta cause you can get the updates via the updater if you right click on your “a” in the taskbar. Also download here.

Thnx for the download link Vettetech :slight_smile: Problem is that once you joined their Beta you get all the Beta updates also through the internal updater :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Well most people on here are not beta Avast users.


Yeah they still need to update their web page.


  • improvements in some unpackers (WinExec, SFX CAB, LHARC, ZOO)
  • check for critical system files is now performed even in the on-access scanner (as a prevention of false positives)
  • command line scanner (ashCmd.exe): fixed displaying of directory count
  • Windows Vista: during a scan of system drive, duplicate entries are now handled correctly (symlinks)
  • Explorer extension process (ashQuick.exe) now ends immediately after aborting a scan
  • fixed a bug in SMTP alerts (adding of random characters to the address)
  • verification of digital signatures now fixed even for the on-access scanner (Windows Vista and Windows XP x64)
  • fixed the setting to disable checking of infected files during on-demand scans
  • Enhanced UI: it is no longer possible to delete a default task by using the Delete key
  • solved a synchronization problem that could potentially lead even to a hang of an avast component (e.g. the Outlook plugin)
  • Windows Vista SP1: solved an issue in the kernel driver aswSP.sys (problems during system shutdown)
  • added a workaround to a compatibility problem with NComputing NCT
  • Standard Shield: improved handling of exceptions
  • improvements in the rootkit submission system
  • mail scanner: fixes in IMAP handler (Thunderbird
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Running smooth. (:KWL)

Josh has been asking about avast! 5 on Avast!'s forum (the thread is quite informative), but what price CAVS now?

CAVS is free?

Yeah I have been asking about it because I wana try it… lol


See 4.8.1227 kills Opera attachment display on SMF bulletin boards for 4.8.1227 problems with Opera and the Comodo board.

I’m not a fanboy.
I’ll test CAVS 3 and AVAST. If i prefer CAVS, i’ll use it, but if i fell AVST is better, i’ll use it.
I use CFP because i tested a lot of FW’s and i think is the best.
I use CBOClean because i think is a great product.

Of course, i trust COMODO products, and i’ll test all their products, and if i like it, i’ll use them.

Avast! has fixed the webshield problems today in 4.8.1229. That’s what I call user support! Listen hard for CAVS3, Comodo! :wink:

i wonder if this fixed the webshield vista issue. im wondering any one gets it. every few days the event viewer says the web shield didn’t respond in time and i have to reboot.