Avast 2014 beta new?

Check it out. avast! Antivirus 2014 announced! | Angry Sheep Blog

Sweet! It sounds amazing… Thanks for the link! ;D :-TU

Seems a beta may be released soon.
Look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts :-TU

" It’s an all new, slightly Windows 8 styled interface …"

Slightly?? LOL

Looks nice though.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Looks like a another one follows behind comodo Deny the unknown good to see others following.

The BETA is out!

“Hi all,
I’m glad to announce that we’ve just released AVAST 2014 BETA1 (build number 9.0.2000). It’s still summer-time, only a few months have passed since the release of AVAST 8, and the beta of a new major version is ready to be installed on your computers! Isn’t it awesome? :-)”

Source/where to get it: Avast WEBforum - Index

It does look good but I had to point out that the statement that it “brings whitelisting to the AV space” was inaccurate since Comodo has been doing it for years. It only brings it to their space.

2014 Beta 3 is out.