AV Utilizes Near 100% CPU

While Comodo AV may be quite helpful (on-access it has found items that not even Avast! has flagged), when performing a disc scan, it is SLOW and makes my dual core 3GHz come to a crawl. It’s gotten so bad that, after trying to let it run for several hours, my system will just become completely unresponsive, even though Comodo is still running through files - NOTHING responds, not CTL-ALT-DEL, not clicking on Stop Scanning or Pause, not ALT-TAB.

While I understand that there is normally higher than average CPU usage while scanning (it happens with most AV or malware scanners), this level is completely unacceptable. It’s bad enough that I’ve had to disable the SandBox function because of problems, I’d rather not have to disable the AV functionality as well.

Oh, incidentally, regardless of whether a file is safe or not, it always flags the tmp file of a file that Avast! is scanning.

For Firewall functionality, I think Comodo is the best around, its the additional components that seem to still need some work.

WHY IN GOD’S NAME DO YOU HAVE BOTH COMODO ANTIVIRUS AND AVAST ANTIVIRUS? You SHOULD NEVER have 2 antivirus programs installed that are both utilizing real time protection. It causes system instability. Try uninstalling avast completely and see if that drops your cpu usgage.

I am using CIS prem on intel core duo 1.73ghz with 2gb of ram and a 80gb hd laptop and my cpu usgage is only 4-15% when idle. Under normal cpu use doesnt get above 30-40%.

That was probably a little harsher than necessary, but yes, two active AV’s is never recommended. This means that any file that is opened, both AV’s are going to try and scan it. You can imagine how this could bog down a disk scan.

Although it seems nice to have twice the protection, you really should disable the real-time protection on one of the AV’s, and just use the other one for on-demand scans or when you want a second opinion on a suspicious file.

I am aware that sometimes multiple AVs can conflict, but I’ve not had a problem until now, though I have seen many occasions where one finds something the other does not. I will, however, disable Avast! while I run the initial system scan with Comodo and see if that fare better.

I will let you know how things go.

Thank you.

Doesn’t the comodo installer even mention that it is a bad idea to run 2 real times against one another?