AV Updates

Please note the AV was created for usability nothing else.

If or when we get a new AV engine it will be a bonus.

something is wrong here Dennis. So youre saying that the comodo anti-virus is just for usability? What about security? what about anti-viruses security? its there just to make CIS heavy on our systems?

can You talk by comodo on this matter or are you speaking for yourself here? because if Melih confirm comodo av as just an “parfum” thing than this will be a good bye and a real problem on comodo heands because of false marketing.

CIS protects you through many ways not just the AV, I personal only run the AV as a test as far heavy it does not affect any of my systems in this way, no sure where you think false marketing comes from.

Please note this !ot!

If you wish to discuss this further or the AV or anything else please start a new topic or post a bug report regarding the problems you have.

Please stay on topic, this topic being for CIS version 8 Beta release only.

Thank you


Dennis, no problem at all here. We can continue this conversation on a new topic but You did push this kind of conversation here when you wrote:

“Please note the AV was created for usability nothing else. If or when we get a new AV engine it will be a bonus.”

Please, move these posts from you and me to another topic on the right place so I can ask Melih about what You said about the comodo av not being an av but an usability thing only.

Anyway, lets stay on focus on here. We want some news about cis 8 new beta or rc… ? any info about it?

Posts split and moved to main AV help section as requested.

As far as I am concerned approx. 10 years ago when I had Windows 98/Me using only a AV as protection was fine but now you cannot expect only AV to protect you.

Please find quote below when this subject or similar was raised earlier this year.

I didnt know that Melih think like this.

Melih, please, answer this topic and explain your vision for cis on this matter: Is COMODO av only a usability thing? Or do You care about security too?

I didnt like to read that from Melih. So, If I have an security system (like CIS is) for my protection but my behavior blocker / my HIPS / Sandboxy fails then Im f#$ed? is that You vision Melih?

sorry but im pi##ed

I still fail to see how you think any AV no matter how good there virus database is will protect you, sooner or later you will be infected and the AV will not be able to do anything about it.

The only way with CIS to end up with only the AV is if you disable them yourself.

Melih has stated this numerous times in the past going back years; I have been around for 7 years now. Melih has always propagated the idea that proactive technology is the first line of defense and not a signature based system.

Melih’s statement is a sign of rock solid belief in the proactive approach that Dennis2, I and many others share.

Yes but I didnt see Melih stating that av-db is for useful only like the mod said. As far as I know, av-db is needed to improove protection and protection, by any antivirus, is about merging tecnologies that work togheter to make possible to secure a system. if an antivirus just drops av-db because its “just an useful thing” than this antivirus will fail in any kind os aspect concerning security.

I want to know from Melih if he indeed say something like what the mod said that Melih did say. This can be a problem of comunication nature or Melih is just crazy?

Hi yro,
The following links maybe of some interest.
Is the AntiVirus biggest fraud in the security world?- Comodo Forum
Is the Anti Virus Software biggest fraud in the Security world?-Melih

Kind regards.

??? From the Forum Policy paragraph 5 section 2:

Respect moderators. They volunteer to keep these forums running efficiently. Please respect Moderators’ decisions and acknowledge that Moderators and Administrators may not be able to ask for or accept your feedback every time.
One may want to consider that us mods are truthful and not there to ■■■■ you around.

Melih has voiced that provocative statement on many occasions and was never shy of the controversy that it caused.

I understand you guys and I apretiate your work as mods in here, but on this matter I want some answers from Melih about this subject.

As a user and customer, I want some answers from him.

Please note he did not say that it does not improve protection and prevention.

mainly for Usability and not for Prevention

{Mainly for usability} means allowing the strict restrictions in the Defense+ and Sandbox to be reduced to make it easier for users to use CIS without being asked to answer alerts, you should if you use CIS in default configuration receive none or very few alerts in normal use.

{Not for prevention} means that CIS will protect you with Defense+ and the Sandbox and other resources from viruses etc. not currently detected.

The whole package is combined to make a easy to use and effective security solution for free, not something that tries to scare you to use it by telling you have a problem and asking for money to solve it, please note the added bonus CIS allows it user to set whatever restrictions they like up to Paranoid level and remove all outside connections by it if you so wish.


hmm… ok… ill ignore this subject for now. thanks for the answers…

please, close this topic. no need to make it a place to fights if some other users come here and feel free to express with angry about it…