AV system scan freezes

first the planned scan freezes
re-installed CIS with the newest version
1st system scan was needed then
that froze at 96% at officeLR.cab and found 16 findings
seperate scan of the file was OK
seperate scan of the containing map was OK
defragged the volume
running 1st system scan again
after 12 hours 99% and freezes at the same .cab file and now found 8 findings??

What to do to get this 1st scan fullfilled?

Hi fnijkampnl,
If you are certain the file is safe, to get the initial first scan completed you could temporarily add that file to the antivirus exclusions list.
Don’t forget to remove it from the exclusions list after.
Antivirus, Scanner settings, exclusions.

done that. But not a solution. It still freezes at 99%.

been able to remove the 8 findings by stopping before the freeze.

now scanning for almost 4 hours. nothing happens but time is still counting.

it’s another file now, but I don’t think that file is the cause of the freeze. It’s some windows file .msu, .cab

Check to make certain you don’t have malware present.
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

Once you are satisfied that your system is clean, if the problem persists and seeing it is not the same file each time it sounds like a possible bug.
If you agree and have the time you might like to consider filing a Bug Report, if you do decide to please follow the Bug Report Format.
Thanks for your time.

followed your 1st link and perfromed all the actions.

Some strange things happened. Killswitch frooze too and just ended without any message. Several times.

comodo autoruns left a couple of trusted applications: nVidia and Perfectview which I use for years.

So I’m not sure if a bug should be reported.

Please try this. Try opening up KillSwitch through CCE. Also, run a “Smart Scan” with CCE and see if it finds anything.

If you still have the problem, and it doesn’t appear that it is related to malware, then try starting CCE while holding down the Shift key. Then see if KillSwitch and the scan will work.

As for the trusted applications, it would be helpful for others if you could report them to be whitelisted in this topic.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


done all that
smart scan found 2 threats: a modified IE and the UAC settings modified. Ignored the latter.

Then killswitch started from shift-cce. It runs for a minute then freezes. the graphs are filled half-way.
after appr. 5 minutes the window just disappears.

Now I’ll try the initial system scan again. If it freezes I’ll report it as a bug

CIS freezing at a file when scanning for viruses and not continuing indicated that cmdagent.exe (Comodo Internet Security Helper service) has crashed.

When filing a bug report also follow How to determine which file is causing a manual scan to hang to determine what file was causing the scanner to be hung. Please add this information to your bug report.

It is possible to start the service again in the services manager (Administrative Tools → Services). When looking at the Properties of the Comodo Internet Security Helper service go to the Recovery tab and set it to always restart after crashing and to restart after 0 days and 0 minutes.

well freeze might not be the right term for it.
the scan is still counting. I can check/ucheck the one checkbox, I can minimise it, but not close it. Not pausing nor stopping it.

It is not on a particular file also. When excluded the previous file, another file came up.

I file a bug… and then again I won’t. to time consuming to search out all thbe items what is asked for.
Seems more practical when an expert looks at it online. If this buddy thing not works, well…

Read crash where I said freeze. My bad.

If the scanner stalls and does not continue at all, sometimes people report it got stuck for hours, then it has crashed. Restarting the service might help (I never tried). Other than that all I can advise is to file a bug report and add the file to the exclusions of the AV and hoping that not many other files ■■■■■ up cmdagent.exe again.

Hi, yes I am a forum noob, but I have been using Comodo CIS and antecedents for several years.
Congrats on the Comodo Firewall being the only firewall to achieve a 100% score in somebody’s test.

I have finally become fed-up with the AV scanner stalling when nearly complete.
I have waited ages, how long would you wait…? How about 5 hours after 99% of scanning is complete.
(waiting is free when you go and watch the TV)

I have understood that the scanner window only shows the last thing it felt like reporting.
After all, so much cpu time would be lost in screeen updates…
Using manual scan from Windows Explorer I have isolated the region causing my problem.
It is in the “System Volume Information” folder - a bit difficult to start rooting around in there.

I shall follow the ‘clean install’ process another day when I can afford the hours, but meantime I will say that this is the only machine out of 3 which has a problem. It is also the only machine not to be ‘clean installed’ so I will do that

Will be back to report progress when I have more to report.

XP-pro, 4Gb ram, plenty of free disk space, Athlon dual-core cpu.

Well, I fixed mine. I removed CIS, and rebooted my machine. Then I went here https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t83586.0.html and cleared out the contents of my “System Volume Information” directory by performing the actions mentioned which deal with System Restore. Rebooted, re-enabled system restore, rebooted again, created a restore point, rebooted again and then re-installed CIS - didn’t even ask about carrying over old settings or anything, rebooted again. Updated the anti-virus database (god that server is so slow) and eventually managed to perform a complete system scan which terminated normally; …that is apart from throwing up scares over the tdsskiller scanner…!

Before this I also downloaded and scanned etc. using the information posted above concerning how to check if your machine is infected - it was not infected.

The scanning window is unhelpful in most respects. Its only useful purpose is to let you know that something is happening, or not. The contents of the window do not reflect the files actually being scanned, so when it freezes with some filename it actually bears no resemblance to the file causing the problem. As I mentioned I found my problem to be in the system volume directory, and I found it by scanning each of the top-level directory entries until I found the one which caused a problem.

I hope this helps you too.

Edit: I also ran CHKDSK C: /F which found no problems with the NTFS file system. I did that first before all the rest of the above.