AV Scanner should have writting and on access scan.

I have recently downloaded the latest version of CIS.
I have noticed many bugs, that I see are already being adressed in different posts.
But one thing i havent noticed, is that no one seem to see the lack on the AV.
Currently CAVS only scans files while you access them.
But how about on writing? I have seen these feature in Avira’s AV , and like it very much, because if i am surfing the internet and ddownload a bad file it flags it as a virus right away, but in CAVS the virus may keep dormant until the user has any intteraction with it and decides to open it.

What do you think?


That’s the way CAVS was designed (mostly for low resource usage). It doesn’t matter if the malware lays dormant. As long as it does not execute and get CPU cycles to do what it wants to.

Oh, wow! (:CLP)

But i mean, wouldnt possessing a scanner that scans (heh!) during write cycles be more secure.
I mean because of user interaction, what if the virus enters in action when it sees the AV turned off because the user turned it off, becuase he wanted to play a game,
on the other hand refering to OIL AND CPU , wouldnt it be less respurce hungry to scan only new and unmodified files? Also, having a on writing scanner would be similar to having a webshield, because it will detect viruses that enter the computer in that very moment, thus reducing the threat, and not leaving it to “luck” when the user decides when to access the file?

I guess, but it’s not needed to be well protected.

Think about it, the only way the malware would “know”, was if it was running and accessing things, which it cant b/c it would be detected when it was executed.

Something similar to this perhaps?

How is it “luck” if the AV is running and will catch it every time (being in the database of course). :wink:

Don’t worry guillermo, Comodo isn’t making your computer vulnerable. Comodo’s just thinking logicaly :wink:
It might seem a bit odd at first when you read these kind of things but if you think about it, It makes alot of sense :slight_smile:

I put my trust in COMODO’s hands a long time ago. :wink:

Yeah!, I guess so.
Thanks for your quick answers. Such a great forum. I think this thread is ready to be closed.

Thanks for the link regarding new and unmodified files.

See ya! and
Trust Comodo

Avira allows the user to configure the on-access scanner to scan only on writes. I was initially attracted to this option because it would reduce CPU and disk usage in general. However, I thought of a security flaw with this option. If the signature is not available when the malware is written to disk, then the malware will not be detected when the signature becomes available through a Comodo update.

If this were to happen I would say user should be given a choice to turn it off. I also think we need the AV to be more configurable.

What options would you like? :slight_smile: add them to the wishlist and see what other members think…


If COMODO believes that introducing both, writting and on access scan, will increase CPU and power consuption, introduce it with turn off by default and give us the possibility to turn it on.

It already does scan some file types when being written.

You can test this by downloading the four Eicar test files. It will grab the first two uncompressed files before they are written to disk. The compressed files are only picked up after they have been written to disk and you attempt to access them.


If the virus cannot be detected by the antivirus, what difference does it make if it scans Read Only, Write Only, or Both?

Scanning on Write is not increasing your security at all. It is simply catching the virus sooner rather than later. You can stop it when it’s being placed on the drive (not harming anyone), during a weekly/daily scan of the hard drive (still not causing harm), or when it’s being accessed (will cause damage).

Really, think about it instead of going off what everyone else has or does.

This is like debating whether to get two $5 bills or one $10 bill.

Exactly mjj09. :-TU

Yep. I prefer on access scanning from a system resource standpoint. It really doesn’t matter if there is a virus sitting inert on your HD. The only thing that matters is that if I attempt to access the file the AV jumps in to protect me. (Hopefully)