AV Scan Loop

I just installed Comodo Internet Security Free (4.0.135239.742) on my Vista Home Basic SP1. I have tried running a full AV Scan 3 times. Each time it scans approx 237k objects and then hangs (different file each time). VERRRRY slowly I am allowed, eventually, to start up task manager but this does not show anything taking significant CPU cycles. I can pause the scan and I see the elapsed time counter stop but this does not free up my system for other operations. I have tried to stop the scan and I get the query do I really want to stop. Answering ‘yes’ does not free up the system. My only recourse is to re-boot. HELP!!!

Hi JAL64, have you got problems with the simple Critical Areas scan?


Yes, even the short scan hangs. This time after 143,236 items. In my Photoshop folder. At this point the scan is not progressing thru the files but the timer continues to tick. I cannot cancel the scan, I cannot do anything meaningful in my aps, restart takes over 1/2 hour to even begin to come down.