AV scan freezes in Server 2008

So far I have been unable to complete an initial scan of my server.
Twice it has hung on a file and only the power off (GOD) button worked.
Attached are the two files that it hung on so far.
I removed the GHOSTERR.TXT file from the hard drive and restarted the scan.
The scan continued untill the Hhskey32.dll file was reached and then locked up at that time.
CPU cycles not excessive.
Scan would not pause or close.
System was unresponsive.
Power off button did work successfully.

DEP settings did not change scan freezing.

Windows Server 2008R2 64bit latest updates
SQL 2008
Comodo Free Version 4.0.141154.822
db 4573

Can’t have my Server freezing like this so I have uninstalled the CIS applications.

[attachment deleted by admin]