AV malware database update method

Hi guys. I have a question about COMODO AV database update method, I wonder how it works: daily(ones a day) or av updates every time there is a new database on server? I ask because sometimes when I use my computer for a long time, AV doesnt update virus database automatically (as they were up to date) but it downloads updates on demand.

There are updates several times a day.

I think it’s daily now. :slight_smile: Have updated from 915 to 919 and I bet money that it will stay on 919 for today :slight_smile:

I think you’re right. Maybe database would be updated after computer restart. I will check it up.

Today I’ve restarted my pc few times to check if virus database will be updated, CIS didn’t udpate(but database could be upated manually). What’s going on?why CIS didn’t detect any databese update?