AV False Positive/Negative Detection?

How can I tell if the detected file is a false positive or a negative detection?

Try reading this guide by Chiron

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Walkyrie :
Advanced File Analysis System | Valkyrie
VirusTotal :

This app is whitelisted by cis and featured in tvl as “Urban Cyber Security Inc”. Please check
(Another version of this app has been tagged as PUA in virustotal and valkyrie although cis allows to run it without warning av:SHA1:4b77e688de4234376cf18f5c9db5466cd012b945)

Comodo AV Xcitium has detected the version urbanvpn_setup_2.2.11.exe


The version urbanvpn_setup_2.2.12.exe Is not detected by Xcitium


Awaiting response from Staff…


Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

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Erik M.

False positive fixed with database v35577.

Probably a whitelisted malware

Hello ajaychoran,

Thank you for sharing this, we’ll check it.

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