AV Database Progress - 7/17/10

An interesting comparison (stats are from 7/17/10):

Program # of Signatures/Definitions Size of signature folder*
A-squared free 4576632 94.1 mb
CIS 4447336 95.5 mb

  • For a-squared, this is the “signatures” folder. For CIS, this is the “scanners” folder.

As for detection rates and false positive rates, we’ll have to wait for a head-to-head comparison (hopefully coming soon).
Recent data suggests that the detection rate of CIS Antivirus is better than most other top AV programs (for example, see this post and this post).

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the size of the last DB (5455) is 93 151 971 bytes (and growing rather fast)

I remember this (old) message :

Now it seems quite… optimistic, no ? :wink:

But what is the current target of the Comodo team ?

I asked this a few weeks back and got a wise ■■■ answer of “as small as possible”, or something along those lines.

There is another thread tracking the amount of defs, but wouldn’t it be better to track the size(in terms of mb) instead? I would think that of more interest.

See attachments of the first post in this thread. A graph showing the size of the signature database in Mb is posted already!

I know, I was referring to the ongoing “Comodo AV Database update page” thread.

Bump - first post in this thread was updated today!

Why does the number of definitions is being reduced as time goes by?
Is it the way of counting?
Or it is the adding of generic signatures?


Thanks. Make sense.

This “number” is always object of discussion…

  1. There are a marketing issue involved. Companies estimate the number of viruses by high.
  2. There are different counts possible: variants, etc.
  3. There is not an international rule for virus naming, so same virus could be consider one or more by other company.
  4. Scanning settings are very important.
  5. Active viruses (ITW) are really more important then the whole number.
  6. Generic signatures and heuristic detections cannot be really counted as ‘virus detection’.

See answer below:

Some additional information is posted here.

Thanks Whoop-dee-doo, makes sense.