AV database install/finalize

AV database install/finalize takes little time. Is the cloud connectivity affected during install/finalize?

Coz 2 times it happened.

I tried to install 2 programs which I knew were safe in the cloud whitelist. The AV database was installing/finalizing at the time when I tried to install those programs & I received elevated rights popup for both the programs which I blocked. And I waited for the AV database to complete, after the AV database completed I tried both the programs again & this time no popup & both the programs were found safe by the cloud.

This could be a cloud glitch or cloud was not reached at that time.

But just for the info, during database install/finalize any part of CIS is temporarily disabled/stopped like Cloud connectivity, AV protection, etc…?

Did you select any options from the original elevated rights popups? If so what were those?

I ask because we need to make sure that this behavior is not just caused by rules which were automatically created.

I have already mentioned in my post that I clicked block on the elevated rights popup. After the database install completed I ran the installers again & this time no elevated rights popup. D+ events showed scan & found safe.

Sorry, I must not have read it carefully enough. :embarassed:

This sounds like a bug to me. Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong?