How come comodo keeps promising it’s users they are going to have their software tested by them. Yet i see this not happening they said that it would be included into the next test and it was not. We just want to see the dang thing tested… Who cares if you guys get a bad score or not others vendors do to.

Please give us some answers other than letting these topics die a dumb down.

my question is as good as everyone else and my question to melih is when will it be tested will it ever? Why are you making promises that are not happening?

AV-Test in Germany did test our Product in the challenge against Symantec. Its in the forum and in my blog. Also PC Magazine tested. Also, there is a post showing all the tests and certifications.

Why are you choosing to ignore all these credible organisations’ results and focusing on just one that hasn’t tested it yet?

I don’t think your intentions are good at all, you just want to cause problem by ignoring all these credible organisations. You are trying to create FUD as if we are stopping people from testing. Go ahead and test it yourself and publish the results! Everyone is free to test!

I would appreciate if you stop trolling.



It seems clear by now we’ll never know the “why”…
We’ll see next year if something happens.

let’s assume that the institution “X” tested comodo’s product , and it failed .However, you tested the product and tired it for a couple of weeks and found it very effective and meets your needs ? are you gonna uninstall it ?!

knk2006 :slight_smile:

Even though i know Comodo is awesome i would still like to see avcomparitives test it! :comodo110: