AV always gets stuck at 99% on full system scan

I’ve had the same problem through all of the current versions for a long time now.

The Comodo Antivirus scheduled full system scan always hangs at 99%, and always at the same file. (The file is a tiny 12kb file ver.bin in an ACDSee database backup ACDSeeDB.zip.) I’ve searched around but not been able to find posts relevant to a solution. Thanks for any help!

Hi dingbat, welcome to the forums.

Assuming you know the archive/file is safe you could, as a workaround, exclude the ZIP file in CIS’s AV.

Is it just a Scheduled scan that this happens on or does the same thing happen for other types of scans (eg. a Manual Scan)?

Also you could also submit the BIN file (or possibly the ZIP file, assuming it’s under 20MB in size) to Comodo via Malware/False-Positive submission page, adding an explanation and your email address (to get feedback).

I’ve had the same 99% hangup problem since last November. It is really frustrating to have a scan run for 5-6 hours and then the scan stops at 99% completion. I have to reboot my computer to stop the scan loop. I’ve searched the forum for an answer, but the answers I’ve found seem to work back to a false-positive and does not address the problem. The problem is that the scan hangs up at 99% (not necessarily on the same file). I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and removed files. Has anyone found a fix for this problem ?

Hi defunbunch,

Please submit the file in question as false-positive to Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and place a brief description of the issue in the comments box so we can verify it.


Ionel… My problem is not any particular file. The problem is the scan hangs up when it gets to 99%. It hangs up on a different file each time. False-positives is not the problem. Getting the Comodo program to complete the scan is the problem. Any thoughts or solutions ?

Can you check what file(s) are causing CIS to hang following How to determine which file is causing a manual scan to hang? That could be the first step to a potential bug report.

Im having a very simliar issue (Win7 x64 still using 5.8 though). I disabled the option to do submit files for cloud analysis and it stopped crashing. You could try this and if this doesnt work you could try switching to one of your other unmodified profiles and seeing if a full scan completes.

Yep, I’ve been having the same problem. When it reaches 99% on my weekly system scan it gets stuck at that point. I can’t even cancel the scan to close the window. I have to reboot. If I add the file in question to the excluded files list it freezes at 99% at a different file the next time I run it. I don’t think it’s a false positive, it’s a bug. Besides it never indicates a virus or problem is found it just freezes at 99% while the time indicator goes up. I’m running XP professional with all the latest updates. Also, the latest updates on Comodo.

I’m about ready to switch to a different antivirus and firewall application.

Same here. I have to kill cmdagent.exe and restart cfp.exe for Comodo to work.

Me too. If you know of a good alternative, I’m interested, especially for a Windows firewall.

Please follow these steps and let us know what you find.

Doing so will let us not only help improve the program, but also find a workaround so that you won’t continually be bothered by this.

Chiron, it looks clear that the problem is NOT related to false positives. My scan (and it’s a manual full scan) hangs at 99% on a readme.txt from sqliteodbc.exe downloaded from Microsoft (downloaded nearly 1 year ago and validated with AVAST), so IMHO it’s a waste of time looking in that direction.

My scan hangs at 99% after parsing 3597707 objects. It ran for nearly 12 hours and can’t be aborted.

I think you should look in a different direction.



Can you check if there is a particular file where CIS hangs? If there is a file then please consider submitting a bug report. We cannot fix it for you only Comodo can after a bug report.


Throughout this string people keep telling you that it is not a specific file. Getting stuck at 99% happens on two of my computers. Each one stops at different files each time it gets stuck.

I had exactly the same 99% stuck issue on my XP-3 system. When I had uploaded some ‘Security Updates for Windows’ to something like ‘.Net Framework…’ - (I’m sorry, I ain’t any tech here, I remember vaguely this staff) than the scan went successful. Maybe this will make sense.

But several of the threads say that it is always stopping on the same file… Yes, the files may be different per system, but it does stop on the same file on that system.

Are you saying that you get stopped at different files each time?

Occasionally it is the same file, generally it is a different file. And I have manually scanned the identified files with Commodo Antivirus and it says they are clean.

I think restarting the Comodo Internet Security Helper service in the service manager can help to deal with the direct problem. Other than that I would like to ask to submit a bug report. That is request to everybody who has been replying to this topic.

If a scan hangs on the same file then the best thing to do is submit a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will be seen by Comodo staff.

Also follow How to determine which file is causing a manual scan to hang to determine what file was causing the scanner to be hung. Please add this information to your bug report.