AV 1.1 taking all resources.

Hi I just installed CAV 1.1 on a computer I am rebuilding, it is a Gateway , it has a celeron 466 mhz, , an intel 810 chipset, 256mb ram, a WD 15gb drive, an NEC cd rom, and a Plextor cd burner.

The os it is running windows 2000 professional. A fresh install , with all MS updates slipstreamed.
(Fresh install)

I have installed CPF on it first, and works fine.

Upon installed CAV and restart the computer was terribly slow, and did not allow me to do anything at all, so I had to reboot in safe mode and delete the CAV folder as the uninstaller did not function properly.

I am hoping you will fix this, as I am very hapy with CPF and would like to try CAV. :slight_smile:

Strange that it’s slowing your system down. I know it uses about 40k of memory but they are improving it. Version 1.0 used to use 65K.

I’ve tried it on a couple of machines now, with the same issues. All running win2k pro, prolly something to do with that.

and in all cases the installer will NOT uninstall the product.

It may be slow if already you have any AntiVirus installed and or other AV is not uninstalled completely. If you need other AV also then you should switch off other AV’s on-access scanner.

Same problem here. I have a windows XP pro system with SP2. After I installed this program I was completely unable to use my computer (could not even login).

I restarted into safemode Turned off on-access scanner, then rebooted to see if that made any difference. I was able to at least start the login process, I saw my desktop, but was unable to click/open anything.

I once again restarted in safe mode, ran HiJackThis to remove the startup process of CAV, rebooted and was able to use the computer just fine. I uninstalled this product for now. I hope to see this issue get resolved as I too love CPF.

I have a P3 1ghz with 384M ram. I did have AVG free installed, but I uninstalled it before trying to install CAV.

CAV still have a long way to go. I have P3.06HT with 1G RAM, running WINXP Pro, still face the same problem, something is not right!. To be fair, having runned the scanner once, it able to detect well and on compressed files as well. But, still not usable yet.

I’ll quote my first post, since you didn’t read it carefully.

The os it is running windows 2000 professional. A fresh install , with all MS updates slipstreamed.
(Fresh install).

There is NO other aftermarket software installed when I do this testing. Will install some software and begin testing, when it works :wink:


I don’t know why it is slowing down so much, how much memory does it show that its using?

@ Snelson,

Did you have an antivirus in the past? What was it? Or do you have another antivirus running along with Comodo? Are you sure you completely removed AVG? Do you have any realtime Antispyware programs? If so what are they?

Same problem on Windows XP SP2. I can install and run Comodo Firewall with no problems, but the first reboot after installing Comodo AV 1.1 beta, the system slows to a crawl (totally unresponsive) with CPU usage pegged at 100%.

In my case, the primary offending process is rapimgr.exe, which I understand is associated with Microsoft ActiveSync. If I kill that process, then the system recovers (still high CPU usage, but lower) enough for me to uninstall Comodo AV. One I uninstall Comodo AV, everything works fine again.

I’ve run other AV’s on this same system setup (Norton, McAfee) with no problem. And no, they weren’t installed or running during this test of Comodo.

I’ll give Comodo AV another try once some of these issues are worked out, but for now Comodo is unusable on my system. Based on these other responses, it looks like there are some fundamental software conflicts that have to be resolved.

Scott B: I’ll ask the developers to look at this again - give us a few days, pls.

ScottB: We need some more information from you pls, to further diagnose this. The theory is maybe one of your drivers is conflicting with our file system driver, and thus could be contributing to the slowdown.

Could you pls document the hardware you’re using (PCI card, LAN card, Modem, USB, etc.), and shoot us an email over to support@comodo.com ? As soon as we get the email, we’ll get the level 2 tech team on it.

Oki doki, will do asap.