Plzz improve autoupdate. I browsed for 5-6 hours 2 days & still it didn’t autoupdated automatically.

I know I can update manually but improve autoupdate plzz.

it needs just one-click 88) I think no need for that ;D

It may also depend on the browser and settings, some have the ability to disable auto updates of add-ons.
Example: Configuring Updates to Add-ons-IceDragon

I am talking of dragon, does CD have such setting?

Hi naren,
No, they should update automatically with CD.
Using developer mode for extensions will give the option to manually update if any are available.

this is my way, no need to automatic updater :-TU

In CD settings I have disable the autoupdate i.e it will notify CD update & not autoupdate, does this affects Privdog autoupdate?

Extensions update independently.

If it doesn’t autoupdate this time will do manual update.

What version of PD do you have?

It is previous version from the latest 1.7…, its 1.6…

Currently I am not on that system.

I have just re-installed an older version (V1.6.0.30) and I will see if it updates overnight.

OK. I have this same version & it had autoupdated from previous version. Dont know why the latest have not autoupdated, atleast yet.

With Dragon, PrivDog V1.6.0.30 did automatically update to V1.7.0.12 for me at least.

I use router. Today too Privdog didn’t autoupdated for a long time.

So I tried my normal direct connection i.e without router & Privdog autoupdated within minutes.

I am confused, everything works fine with router in use, why Privdog didn’t autoupdated?

Router will by default allow all outgoing traffic. I doubt it was the router. Probably a coincedence: Post hoc ergo propter hoc.