Autoupdate problem

Hmm :-\

I hope you understand that I have to ask Kevin for help now. And that it will probbably cost me a bottle of Irish Whiskey :frowning:

Greetz, Red.

Yea, but think of it as bringing greater good to all mankind.

I got an email from Kevin :

the "fix" I recommended would have applied ONLY to an AUTOupdate problem caused by an unusual circumstance ... obviously, that's not it. :(

He will investigate it further :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Sorry for my diversion to other tasks … have just finished reviewing the source code for 4.27 as well as the Vista changes since its release and there’s an unhappy answer here … there is nothing that can be modified in the existing 4.27 without writing a new version to work around the UAC changes in Vista, and with news of the discontinuance of BOClean, I don’t see a new version at this time.

BOClean, by its design, has to work with ALL versions of Windows all the way back to WFW 3.11 with Win32s as well as 95 through Vista … a daunting task indeed, but that’s always been BOClean’s legacy in “one size fits all.” I was under the impression that AUTOUPDATE had a problem, and that’s what the workaround was designed for. And Vista requires a special method to spawning a “child process” which will not work in XP and earlier and thus that button is “stuck” with the older calling method as that ensures that compatibility with all earlier versions of Windows. Since I am not authorized to build a new version of BOClean though, about all I can offer is a “kludgy” workaround which SHOULD work for you though it’s nowhere near as elegant as adding new code to BOClean itself.

Go to the start menu, programs, COMODO, CBOClean grouping there, and create a shortcut to the updater item. Then, once you have that second shortcut, drag THAT to the desktop in the limited account. You can click THAT instead of the button for updates on the button menu bar and that should work for you … sorry that the only solution is another icon on the desktop, but that’s about all I can offer at this time. I’m STILL hoping that at some point, we can issue a FINAL “standalone version” but at this time, can’t promise that. Should we be able to do a new BOClean release, I’ve already made notes of your issue for that version should I be able to find time to write it.

That NT= in the config file is done by BOClean itself and shouldn’t be messed with … it’s a reminder to BOClean as to which MODE to operate in with NT=0 indicating that it’s a Win9X version which supports the “ToolHelp” methods of determining processes and dependencies whereas the NT=1 mode uses WMI and PSAPI libraries which only existed in later versions of Windows … NT=1 will NOT work with WFW, 95, 98 and ME whereas with later versions of Windows, it digs a LOT deeper …

Although later versions of Windows have the “ToolHelp” libraries and NT4 and 2000 were the only ones which didn’t support that, the PSAPI/WMI libraries offer much better and swifter functions. I’d leave what BOClean determines alone, it’ll only fall back to the NT=0 if something’s not right with the newer kernel probes …

Thanks, anyway, fellas.

Note, I have the same update problem at least two other programs. Won’t accept be updating through the one-button methods. With Adobe, as an example, I have to go to Adobe’s website to download updates; any other means fail.

I really like Vista’s interface, but it sure has proven itself troublesome overall.

Heh. I could only stand Vista for a little under a month myself while writing the code and testing it. Gladly went back to XP myself. Windows 7 beta showed though that they’re going to only make it harder to work around UAC by hiding it better. So if I do end up writing another “standalone” version, I’ve written notes to myself in the source code to have it test for Vista’s changes there for a manual update. If we do it, it’ll be in there …