Autoruns crashes

please forgive double posting:

Same problem as others have posted before going back to January I believe - Autoruns crashes instantly upon launch, whether from inside KillSwitch (which works fine and shows no problems with any processes), or doubleclicking the exe, or trying to open aggressively with shift key.

CCE crashes instantly when launching Smart Scan.

CCE crashes instantly when launching Custom Scan hidden files only option. The other 3 options each complete a successful custom scan alone.

CCE crashes eventually when running Full Scan. The scan starts off fine (builds the cav, reboot, etc) but craps out down the line.

XP pro sp3 32 bit - no resident av running, no firewall other than windows, only on demand scanners like Malwarebytes. no Firefox browser extensions, no tweaked toolbars. Pretty bare bones.

I see past posts on this, but no workaround or resolution noted, except one similar concerning CIS that got resolved through a delete of system restore points. I tried that too. Didn’t help in my case.

Online support was friendly, but ultimately suggested going with CIS which I don’t want to do. The only thing I haven’t done yet is submit a ticket with dumps. Which I’m not sure how do - this forum app rejects .dmp uploads?

Does anyone have any help they can offer? Thanks.

Thread is locked due to double posting. Double and cross-posting is not allowed on the forums.

One thread is sufficient for any given issue. You already have a thread regarding this here: help needed with Autoruns crashes