Autoruns Bug or incompatibility?

Autoruns seems to crash when “law of attraction” is installed.

I was able to confirm that uninstalling “low of attraction” will allow autoruns to execute normally.
Re-installing “law of attraction” will cause autoruns to crash.

See my test here for details requested by the bug report. Especially see the red text under “What Was Left Behind After Execution Test?” and also #3 in my “Conclusions from this test”

For admins and mods, the “law of attraction” file can be found here. At this point, I believe that it is not malware, but I will avoid posting it in the public forum just in case.

Was anybody able to reproduce this crash?

I was able to reproduce it on a clean install of win XP sp3 on VM player with no other programs installed.
Every time I installed “law of attraction”, autoruns crashed.
Every time I un-installed “law of attraction”, autoruns worked fine.

I have not tried it on a production machine.

But the issue is reproducible on my VM set up.

Comodo staff says they are investigating this issue.