AutoRun - Unknown Entries

Attached is the screenshot

Plzz verify & whitelist

[attachment deleted by admin]

Please use the option to jump to folder. Then upload the files in question to VirusTotal and post links to the analysis results.


i have the “gather network info” autorun also.

Please follow protocol. You have been around long enough enough how to proceed. We are not your servants…

Reported in Autorun Analyzer as unknown although it is part of Windows 7.

Please post the link to the virustotal results in this topic along with a brief explanation of what the file is.


The above bold was not required. It was bad… You too have been around long enough & a MOD…not expected from you.

For CCE, previously I have reported few probs & DEVS have always asked me for the screenshots so posted the screenshots.

Currently, I am not on that system so will post VT, Valkyrie, etc… links later.