AutoRun BETA switching to non-admin user

Hi, with UAC enabled (and using a standard account) you have to run AutoRun as admin. When trying to switch to the standard user within AutoRun, it will load for a few seconds and then crash. So as this point I can only change autorun options for the Admin account?


I can switch to standard user without crashing so it seems a bug to me, something on the standard user profile is crashing Autoruns.
I assume you start Autoruns with UAC elevation and then select Users, on the menu.

ye I run AutoRun as admin (well it always asks for admin rights) and then inside the program I select the standard account.

Any ideas?

Can you select a system account without it crashing?

Yes, it’s a known bug and we will fix it in next release build.

Thanks for the feedback,
Best Regards.