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I installed on my computer (windows 7 SP 1) your free product “Internet Security Pro”. I don’t know much about setting up such programs.
Quite often, “Internet Security Pro” displays questions like “what to do with this process - block, allow … and other options.” And I don’t know what to choose…
Is it possible to make it so that this program does not ask me such questions, but decides itself? But, at the same time, I would like the program not to lower the level of security on my computer.

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Comodo Help:

If you read French this may help you:

Good luck!

There are many ways to configure CIS and tweaking it but on the whole it works quite well with the default settings.

You can make your system a lot more secure by doing a few tweaks and following this guide: Comodo Firewall- The Cruelsister Variation - YouTube

As for answering alterts,there’s usually a “Recommended” on the list. CIS blocks uknown files so make sure you’ve done a Quick Scan and a Rating Scan which should make it run without any issue.

The help files online are a big help as are fellow users on this forum.