Automatically fax received e-mail messages

Is there some way to automatically fax e-mails received in a gmail account? I’ve tried forwarding a received e-mail to another gmail account with a signature that is the account/user text that’s required but auto-forwards don’t automatically attach signatures.

Trustfax allows you to send a fax from your email. You will need to have the security identifiers in the body of the email to make sure the fax is sent from the proper account.
It would seem that forwarding the email would work as long as trustfax can identify from which account to fax from.
Here is the link to the user guide section for email to fax:

NEW FEATURE - TrustFax has added an allowed sender list. You can now send an email to fax without using the security identiifers if your email is listed in the allowed sender list in your trustfax account. You can setup the allowed sender list in your account info - preferences section of your Trustfax.
Using the security identifiers will allow you to send an email to fax from any email address. The allowed sender list makes it possible to send from certain email addresses without additional identifiers.
Using the allowed sender list is similiar as the security identifier method but you send the email to the fax_number would be the actual fax number of intended receiptient’s fax machine.
You can still use the coverpage:no statement if you do not want a trustfax generated coverpage. The sujbect field and the attention: and message: statment can still be used in the body of the email when you want a coverpage to be sent with the fax attachment.
A link to the send fax help page: