Automatic start when Windows starts failed

Comodo Firewall Pro does not automatically start when Windows starts.
I am using Vista Home Premium and this is my settings related to it:
“Automatically start the application with Windows (recommended).”

The check mark on this option setting is removed automatically and the firewall does not start on its own.

What am I doing wrong? (:SAD)

I have this problem too. A possible solution is to turn off UAC and windows defender in windows Vista, I think these are the cause of your start-up problems!

Have a NICE day!


UAC is a bother for some users but I find it acceptable as long as it gives another security level.
I rather not disable UAC and hope Comodo support will fix this basic problem soon. :THNK

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UAC is verry good protection layer… Did you know it blocks all rootkits??? Well now you know! If there is a program that needs uac to be deactivated to be installed or to work right… I would rather leave UAC on and not install the program!

I have UAC enabled and do not have problems with CPF3 starting.
I have not done a full install with the latest version only did update.