Automatic Shut Down?

Hi guys. Just trying out some different A/V products and am liking CIS so far. There’s the one option I like on my AV and that’s to have the computer shut down after a scan completes; for example, I use a scheduled scan at about 2am that will shut down when done for the night. I couldn’t find that option, is there one?

No, CIS has no option to do this currently.

There have been requests for this feature in the wishlist forum, so perhaps the devs will add it eventually.

are there really people out there who scan their pc once a day?

if you dont trust your downloading behaviour, choose an antivirus that scans only changed things since last scan.
when you download something, scan it at once. thats better than to torture your pc by scanning all the stuff each day/week again.

and use defense+.

after your harddrive and processor was in a heavy use for hours while scan, you dont save his lifetime by shutting down for a few hours :slight_smile:

Thanks HeffeD. I guess if it’s been mentioned before, maybe they’ll add a feature later on.

Clockwork: it’s a power consumption feature, off at 2am, and I turn it back on after work around 6pm… and the scan only takes less than 1/2 hour, not quite that ■■■■■■■ the system.

I’m just going to schedule a shutdown.exe task for after my scan for the time being.

what i tried to say: why is it important to scan every day? when every day a virus could come on your pc, something is wrong :slight_smile:

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