Automatic reset sandbox by custom rules (CIS8)

Hi all.

  1. What actually happened or you saw:
    ::: Comodo Internet Security does not have an option to create custom rules about sandbox behavior.

  2. What you wanted to happen or see:
    ::: I want You to add the ability to create custom rules for sandbox behavior so we can schedule when we want sandbox to be reseted/cleaned.

  3. Why you think it is desirable:
    ::: When we have a lot of files/programs running as virtualized on sandbox we need to manualy reset the sandbox. I think that we could have more intuitive way of customizing it if we can create a rule to make CIS clean the sandbox from time to time. Fox example: I want to have CIS cleaning my sandbox at 22:00 on sunday, so i create a rule for that and thats it!

  4. Any other information:
    ::: I think that if we could make rules for any aspect of CIS (any modules) we could have a better experience on usability and productivity.

That’s a pretty good idea. I used some old “kiosk” software on my living room / tv PC which keeps changes from being permanently written to the hard drive. But it’s out of support. Keeping the web browser in a Comodo sandbox and resetting that sandbox once a week would be a pretty good alternative.

I hope Mellih listeng to this request… and the other about freedom for creating custom rules for any module of cis.

I just read a bit of one of Chiron’s guides that talks about Virtual Desktop. That’s a feature I have yet to play with, but might be something of a kiosk-software replacement too.

So “cleaning” a sandbox would mean

  • stopping the contained process
  • discarding the sandbox (aka virtual environment)
  • restarting the process with a new sandbox which is a copy of the current live system

That sound right?

Where would you use this most? To keep a web browser from picking up tracking bugs and from infecting your system from malware?

its about any kind of file running on sandbox.

I’m guessing this one will be superseded by your other wish request since it represents a generalized form.