Automatic Decision making & Actions by Comodo

I am curious to see if comodo can actually take a decision automatically instead of showing a lengthy, huge alert to the user and prompting him to take decision.

Most users simply do not understand what it says, they either simply click the default or uninstall CIS and would go for something that does not bothor them much, since 99% of users (windows users in particular) do not have any idea of what a process is and what an application is. Frankly speaking, users are not always the experts who can differentiate between real malware and real genuine program and real damaging behaviour of any program whether legitimate or malware.

I see this issue being mentioned in every blog and review of comodo internet security, still surprisingly comodo did not change a bit.

If it is trying to give more control to user, it can be given as an option for advanced users, since it’s really a night mare and a use or leave the entire product kind of an issue.

Can somebody explain to me why Comodo Internet Security sticks to such a confusing and chaotic approach, which is both non-user friendly and non intuitive.

I think automatic decision making is too large a vulnerability. What is needed is to provide the common user with information they can understand (along with reducing the amount of questions for safe applications). I’ve provided some information I think could be useful here.

It need not always be a vulnerability. As far as other products like Kaspersky, ESET or Symantec are concerned, this has always been their default.

CIS itself taking decision by default for normal users, and letting the advanced user know, change the decision (by providing an option to do so in settings) would be the most user-friendly approach in my opinion.

But Comodo is not willing to allow take the chance of anyone getting infected because CIS made a poor decision. If the choice is put in the users hands they at least have a chance of investigating it and blocking it, or at least know the application asked and therefore wasn’t trusted. That’s my view anyway.

Can you please add a poll so we can see what other users think of the idea? Thanks.

I’ve added a poll as you suggested, please suggest me if I have to add any more options.

I vote first to my poll, any way ;D

FYI - the third option in your poll is what CIS does now anyway. If a user doesn’t respond to an alert, CIS will, by default, block.

Ewen :slight_smile:

[i]Voted ,Make an alert and take no automatic decision’’

I would like to extend this topic to manual scans too. For example,

If I start a full system scan with a system of 1 TB hdd packed with variety of files, it’s too funny for me to sit right until the completion of the scan just to click the ‘clean’ button.
I don’t presently find a way to let comodo automatically clean the found malware infections either immediately or after the completion of the scan.

Other AV like kaspersky, eset offer an immediate cleaning (Not after completion of whole scan, just as the infected file is found it is cleaner according to the user specified criteria).

I think comodo would consider this issue too seriously as a user friendly approach.

Compared to other AV vendor CIS wants you to learn and to understand; it’s essential to know some things when it’s about security in the digital world. CIS is providing with good and necessary information that few AV vendors do and advices you what action to take; CIS wants you to decide because it can take wrong decisions.

I find CIS perfect. If you look at other AV vendor, you will see that they also begin with Deny Default which means they take after Comodo; they understand that signatures is not enough.


I understand that comodo wants to educate it’s users.

This principle works with me, but not my mom and dad,

they do not even know what virus is, what phishing is, why this little red thing is always coming up.

All they say everytime they get to my computer is ‘please just remove this junk or give us another computer’ (literally I faced the same situation with not just my parents, most of my friends and colleagues also respond the same way)

A good product should be looking at novice users also when being designed or developed (It may be a great geek tool for me, still I can not have it running in my system simply because there are other members who use my comp too… really sad isn’t it?)

for your parents this video would help you to config CIS 5 for them Julian - YouTube

I went through the video but could not quite get the point in that…

Does it mean that we can set different configurations for CIS for different users on the same system (like profile1 for user:parents and profile2 for user:me).

Otherwise, the proposed solution does not quite fit to my case, since I have both an advanced user (myself) and a novice user (my parents of course) using the same PC.

Besides, after applying the so called “silent mode” settings, what comodo does is that it blocks almost all new/external executables, (Default Deny Policy), which is not quite what other successful and popular AVs do. They examine the executable thoroughly, (not just verify it’s digital signature) run a definition and heuristics based test on the executable and take the decision to either allow or block the program accordingly, which is in my opinion the best approach for any security suite.

(For example, most of the poratble applications (on a pen drive) that I created for my parents do not have any digital signatures, still they are not dangerous too, but CIS after suppressing alerts simply blocks all of them, leading my parents to think that all those programs are lost (that’s what they say).

I still find this approach a bit crude, not polished enough to fit the common user (may be novice or expert).

Anyway, I hope that the next release of Comodo will improve in Usability ascept too in future considering all these issues. (CIS 5 is already surprisingly better compared to CIS 4 or CIS3 interms of GUI and usability)

CIS, if you ask me, is very configurable. The video I linked is a help in case you want to the best configuration for your needs.



I agree.

I agree too that CIS currently focuses on its functionality (or technical excelence), but leaves behind friendliness to ordinary users. Unfortunately all suggestions that try to improve this area seem to be refused here as a rule. Like if those who don’t understand to computers were not worth being protected by CIS.


Hey Martin,

Not true - all suggestions for design enhancements and usability improvements are considered, but the overriding criteria is whether it will impact overall security. Comodo are not willing to compromise security.

It may not be happening at a rate that you or I like, but it will happen.

Ewen :slight_smile:

comodo should be as it is and like it always has been. If you want protection you have to learn a bit about your program and make fast research of the download application.

The second last option would be bad; then comodo will become semi-automatic.


The second last option is how Comodo actually is now - display an alert and if the user does not respond, BLOCK.

This is the conservative, safe approach and really should be retained.

I meant wouldn’t be bad* sorry


I do not claim that they are not considered, but that they are refused, finally. Take for example this answer:

Though I have respect to the CIS and security knowledge Valentinchen has, in my opinion this is the main obstacle for him to understand the needs of people that are not experts. I do not mean it as a personal attack, this is a common difficulty with experts. The last sentence of him

also confirms that my anxiety that

is justified.