automatic contract renewal

few months ago I went into my account and set a setting that I did NOT want my contract to be renewed automatically. Because I have very bad experiences with these type of companies I checked my account again. Now I did not see this option. There was nothing left to manage in my account except for the password.

Went to support and offcourse my setting has as by magic been set to automatic renewal. What a bunch of crooks. Last time EVER I will use these type of companies. Just use a firewall via the router, firewall of Windows and use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for anti-virus. These crooked companies hope to double their profits with their little scams.

if you want to make sure that your contract is not renewed next year you need to apply for this via or at least this is how they do this now. Comodo changes their rules all the time. I think this is very misleading, I would even say criminal. I have set in my account a few months back NOT to renew my subscription. They conviniently (for them) removed this option and changed everybodys setting for a contract renewal. This is the way they have to make their money. I really hate these little dirty tricks of these companies, and they are all the same, I tried Symantec, McAfee, Comodo etc. No more for me. On top of that these programs are no longer necessary they just slow your computer down.

I can not speak for the auto-renewal section of your post but I can tell you from first hand experience that a good antivirus and hips program are still very necessary, especially if you are putting you person information on the net i.e. your credit card number, bank info, or other information of the sort. There are thousands of new malware/viruses created everyday with the sole purpose of stealing this type of information. I personally run COMODO on all the machines in my home and they have minimal if any slowing effect on the machines. I also install it on peoples computers that I am repairing that have virus infections from running other AVs such as the one you spoke of.

I am confident that comodo will take care of your issue if given a chance.

OK, I will bite. I signed up for 4 of these $4.99 CIS Pro 2012 deals. I am concerned about some of the web practices that I have seen since signing up.If someone who knows can clarify this, I would be most appreciative. I left a voice mail with the company and asked someone to in management to reply. So far, nothing and that was before Easter break.

  • When I choose Paypal, it gets me to enter the entire Paypal login username and password into the Comodo page, and then takes me to the Paypal screen, only to be asked to do it again.

I specifically unchecked renewal, but I still get an email from Paypal to say it a subscription.Although I now see the subscription expired. So why do this?

Each time I had to go into Paypal profile >Other and remove Comodo from the subscription listing.

My concern is why do Comodo want me to log into Paypal through their web site? I believe the company can easily collect this data, even though they use their own SSL.

Since I installed CIS Pro, I did tests on the DNS IPs and they are 120% slower pings than my ISP’s IPs. I changed them back.

Plus when the url is incorrectly typed it takes me to a Comodo error page with advertising links.

I only have a Pentium 4, 2.8Ghz with 1GB RAM and the salesman on the chat line said it took almost no memory and will run well on XP Home with SP3. Well it takes quite a lot of memory and has definitely slowed down the computer. As soon as I put MSE back on, it ran normally. It is difficult to say for certain without figures, so I will do some Procmon reports.

CIS quarantined some very normal files, such as Artisteer, a well known template designer. It did not ask me anyting and just went ahead and quarantined the file, plus a bunch of unidentified Troj@%$^&$#*& type files. Why can’t you just name the files so we know what we are dealing with.

I know this is supposed to be proactive, but on two occasions when I was reading email late at night, a technician pinged me without requesting support. Now this tells me you are monitoring your customers online times. This is not good.

Please someone put all my paranoia to rest.

I am not implying Comodo is doing anything bad, but it looks like you are definitely taking advantage of your low price to take some liberties we would not give other software providers.

I look forward to a reply from someone who knows the answer to these questions, maybe a Comodo employee.

Thank you.

Not a Comodo employee; just a mod.

Comodo does not want you to log in to Pay Pal through their web site. However the way the page is structured makes it seem that way. What needs to be filled in is your Comodo account login data. If you don’t have an account filling in your wanted username and password will create one.

That being said. It has been noticed before and brought to Comodo’s attention and it was to be fixed quickly. Read buy comodo with paypal. When did you purchase CIS Pro?

I checked the pages but apparently this has not changed. I will notify Comodo about it.

As to the performance issues it is best to start a separate topic in the Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS board.