Auto updates can't be turned off??

Even though I set Comodo System Utilities not to auto update, it still does it! I set it to silent update mode because it was really annoying me the way it always forces itself to the front and drags me out of any game or film I watching. Doesn’t make any difference though. It still does it, at least because I have to confirm the windows admin notification to let it update. But put that second part aside - I shouldn’t have to be putting up with this when I told it not to auto update. I’m clever enough to update a program such as this before I use it. Hell make it auto update when I run the program if you like. I don’t care. It’s just not on having this program ignore my instruction and update itself whenever it wants. Especially when the program isn’t even running.

I searched the forum and found a post from 2010 where someone complained about this and you said you’d fix it. Still haven’t done it yet ay. Please sort this out because I honestly love Comodo software and I appreciate that you guys put out some brilliant stuff for free. This is just an annoying little problem that you could fix easily. Thanks.

Can anyone from Comodo respond? Is there a workaround for this issue? The program is good but this issue needs dealing with. The option to turn off auto updates is broken. I guess this is a bug when you think about it. Needs fixing.


The “Automatically check for update” option from the “Settings” section instructs COMODO System Utilities to check for availability of program updates and newer version whenever it is started. You mentioned about the daily update which checks if new definition are available for your installed applications. For example, if you install an application included in our database, COMODO System Utilities will display it only after its definitions are downloaded through the daily update. In the next versions this daily update will skip the UAC interrogation.

Thank you for your support.

ok but how do i stop it from doing that? i don’t like occasional use programs such as this one using up rescources and updating themselves whenever they want. i want to be in control of updating. i always update such programs before i use them so i don’t need them to babysit me. how do i stop it auto updating? thanks.

I take it the Comodo team insist on having this program babysit it’s users with auto updates everyday. I can kinda understand your reasons for it but why not just make it update when the program is launched? I only run programs like this once in a while, maybe every couple months or just when I feel it needs doing. It’s not like my antivirus that constantly needs updating. I find this so unnecessary and annoying. People don’t run these programs every day.

This is a bad design choice. However, I have looked in the Task Scheduler and found an update task for this program there. So I’m going to try disabling that and see if it works. If not then I will try renaming the updater.exe found in the install folder for CSU. I suggest other people try doing the same if they also find this annoying.