Auto Update? [RESOLVED]

When Secure Email does a auto update it says a new version is available and if I want to download it, to which I click yes next a browser window opens next thing I get a pop out with a file download prompt with a file called comodose.exe? So first what is that file second should I allow it to run and third what “update” what will it do/add to Secure Email if anything?

I think comodose.exe is part of CSE.

It will be bug fix or feature release.


I tried to load it but it said it is not a proper opppppps I can’t remember what is said now lol but windows displayed a red cross plus said something about it not being a windows something (huge help I am) When I see it again I will tell you all what that message is in more details. The main thing to get out of this is the so called update what a no go on my computer.

A Screen shot can help too. :slight_smile:


You don’t ask for much do ya! Lol ok I will do.

Hi patrice58,

I had the same message to update CSE. We launched CSE 1.1, with SSL support so that is why you received that message.

Go ahead and install it.

I already have Secure Email version but it is still asking me to upgrade?

Hi, Patrice.

“I already have Secure Email version but it is still asking me to upgrade?”

The latest version of Comodo SecureEmail available is So SecureEmail correctly asking you to upgrade. :slight_smile:

If you will get any error while installation of the latest downloaded version, please, make screenshot and attach it to this topic (or remember the text of eeror message) - this would help a lot in resolving your issues :).

I hope all your issues will be resolved soon.

Thanks for selecting Comodo SecureEmail.

Regards, Eugene.