auto tab stacking and grouping within tab stacking option

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say i’m on facebook and i open a link in a new tab and that link takes me to another page on facebook. it should automatically stack that new tab on top of the first facebook tab.

say i was on facebook and opened a new tab that took me to a different site like site “x”, this tab should not stack on any facebook tab. it should just open in a new tab unstacked or stack on a tab that already has site “x” on it

say i have 2 tabs up. one is facebook and the other is youtube. say i’m on facebook and i click on a link that takes me to youtube. that should open in a new tab and stack on the other youtube tab.


say i have facebook, myspace, twitter, and youtube all stacked and they are all pinned tabs for easy access every browsing session. if i open a link on facebook that takes me to another page on facebook in a new tab then it should stack that new tab right beside the other facebook tab in the stack rather then just putting i all the way at the end of the stack beside the youtube tab in the stack

also let it be optional on what is considered related. also right click on link and choose add to current tab stack in if the user has it set to only same domain stack. also if the user has the default set to treat any link opened in stack as related then have a right click option to say don’t add to current stack that way the user don’t have to go into options every time to switch on case by case basis. but still have the option to configure the default way opera defines what’s related in the option menu or something.

this way the user can set opera to either treat only same domain as related by default or treat any page opened from a link in the existing stack related by default. regardless of domain


also the user should be able to create a list of sites that the user always considers related regardless of default setting unless a link is right clicked and the user chooses to do something against what the list says.

say i wanted facebook, myspace, and twitter to always be related. then the user can access the list creating area in option or something and type this to get them treated as related “,,

to create a different list after that one it would have to have skipped line like this


instead of,,,

quotes not included"