Auto Sandox Mystery

Hiya there

I’m using the CIS (Free) 6.0.264710.2708

I started Photo Shop (7) up and got a notice saying it was an unknown application, now i was going to click to ask it not to put this program in limited mode again on the pop up, unfortunately it disappeared before i could.

Now I’m left with photo shop being unable to save to desktop, though it will allow me to save to my pictures etc. I i looked for a place to see if Photo shop was listed anywhere in Behaviour Blocker, but couldn’t find it listed.

Can someone tell me how to instruct CIS BB to allow it full permissions again ?


Advanced Settings->File Rating->Unrecognized Files and remove it from the list. You will be prompted again when you launch PhotoShop.

Thanks there

That worked a treat, I see i can also add my own files to trusted too, excellent :slight_smile:

Poss :slight_smile: