Auto Sandbox Technology, in CIS free or paid?

Clarify the difference between Internet Security And Internet Security Pro in regards to the Auto Sandbox Technology.

The FAQ states that the sandbox automatically sandboxes unknown applications. Is this in the free version or just the paid version?

Software unknown to CIS is, by default, automatically sandboxed unless it is installation software. The user is alerted [1]. Known safe software started by unknown software is also sandboxed, but without an alert [4]. Automatic sandboxing means that it runs with restricted operating system and defense plus privileges [2], greatly restricting the damage it can do if it is malware. It does not mean that files and registry keys created by the software are stored in the sandbox. The software is then sent to Comodo for analysis [3]. If it is pronounced safe then the software is automatically removed from the sandbox. If it's malware then the antivirus database will be updated, and you'll be offered the normal options to deal with it next time the software is run or scanned.

you get automatic sandbox in both. The one thing you have to know about comodo, there is no less security in the free versions they offer compared to the paid versions. What you get in the paid versions ( pro, complete, etc) are extra services that are not offered in the free version.

The reason I asked was because Comodo advertises this Auto sandbox technology with CIS pro, but not CIS free. IMO there are way too many CIS product choices to be able to decipher which one has what feature.

Internet security pro
internet security
internet security complete
internet security plus


The versions of the CIS program are all the same. The different versions listed only differ in the amount of support available. CIS Free is now called CIS Premium (just a name change, the program is the same). Sandboxing is in all “versions”. If you don’t the support, choose the free version and you will have the same CIS program as the Pro without the tech support (including the Sandbox).

This thread shows the differences.
Note the software is the same for all versions. Support is the only thing that changes.