Auto Run, And XP SP3


Seems like like they program a feature for us and then to ensure our safety they either recommend we block it, or they take it away because of potential dangers.

Wondered what you thought about this new threat that has been around for many years, Auto Run.

Here is an article on it:

2nd Hope you are able to be on alpha beta list, so when the SP3 beta is finally released, Comodo software will ready and waiting! That is “IF” Microsoft does not do major editing as has happened with some of their software in the past.

I really think the sales date should go passed June. The reason compatibility! I currently only use Free Software, and Previously the only Paid Software I used was Zone Alarm and Norton’s Systemworks. For those that purchase major software the cost of updating production software and games etc could be 2-3 times the cost of Vista and in a few instances triple that estimate.

After Microsoft incorporates more reliable backward compatibility for for software programs and drivers (at least XP compatibility) then Vista can officially be a reliable OS update.

My observation about Vista is that Microsoft stopped and started too many times, and although in most instances Microsoft is “slowly” releasing fixes, Vista almost seems to be the new Windows Millennium, although with not as many crashes.

The next OS release around 2010 2011 will be on par with XP with more uniform backward compatibility and more reliability (again probably after SP1).


Just wanted to add my 2 cents. According to the vote on one of the serious windows tuning site, Vista is considered nearly equivalent to Me, both in features, as well as in bugs. It is clearly seen, that once more Microsoft tries to do the job it isn’t here for. To program what people watch instead of programming the OS core.


thanks Uncle Doug…