auto resolve mode in viruscope [M2310]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Hello,could you add an auto resolve mode in viruscope where viruscope would automatically quarantine a threat(without any user input) and then informs the user that a suspicious threat has been blocked.

When VirusScope setting do not show popup alerts is enabled, then VirusScope silently blocks and quarantines a suspicious file when a recognizer action is triggered.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Show a notification similar to the AV notification when do not show alerts quarantine threats is enabled in AV settings. The notification should say Suspicious file stopped with the option to hide these alerts. This notification would only appear if do not show popup alerts is enabled in VirusScope settings.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
The option ‘do not show popup alerts’ silently quarantines the malware and doesn’t tell that a malware has been quarantined, making users think that why their files,after clicked, deleted. To know what has happened to the deleted file,you have to see the blocked applications only where you come to know that viruscope has blocked it. This setting doesn’t generate popup at all(according to my testing with it),neither to ask user(+) nor to inform the user that threat has been blocked(-).

4. Any other information:

So you want to receive a notification similar to the AV notification when you have “Do not show alerts quarantine threats” enabled in AV settings correct?

yeah,just a popup that tells that viruscope has quarantined a threat.

OK I have made some adjustments and submitted the wish to comodo internal bug/wish tracker. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks to you too.