Auto-containment rules

Hello all.
I’ve been trying to set up auto-containment rules in such way that all the email attachments and all the files downloaded from the Internet (not only pdf files), especially office docs, are opened virtualized by default, yet no matter how I define the rules they seem to be ignored.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Because you need to add the office application to do command-line analysis for certain applications, and even then that wont work for example with MS Word, as Word opens docx files in different way compared to wordpad when you open a document. For pdf files you need to use a different pdf reader to add to command-line analysis, as adobe reader command-line won’t work unless the pdf is opened from either the temp folder or removable media.

Thanks for answering.
And isn’t the file location (ie. Temp folder) itself enough to create such rule? Default rules look quite simple to be honest…