Auto-containment part of Comodo causes BSOD when launching Xbox Gamepass Games

I had Xbox Gamepass PC for the past few years until my subscription ran out at the start of this year. Only bought it again last week so i’ve not used the app in quite a while.

Installed a game, only to find every time it starts to launch, after a few seconds I get a “Exception Not Found” BSOD Error. Every tiime, and its not limited to just the 1 game - tried 3 different ones.

It is definitely a problem caused by Comodo, and definitely by something to do with the “auto-containment” part of the program. By process of elimination i figured out it was that causing it and leaving it off lets me launch the games with no issue, but when i turn it back on, BSOD when launching games.

As I said I’ve had gamepass before and for the most part it worked alright, It caused BSOD a few times before but obviously I found a way to fix it.This time thought I can’t figure it out. The App is set to a trusted file already and I can’t find anything specifically with Auto-containment that helps.

Edit: Solved. Added the folder the games were installed to do the “ignore” setting in auto-containment.

Hi TheVoidDragon,

Thank you for reporting.
Hope the issue is solved. however We will check and take this to the team notice.