Auto-Containment - Do not virtualize access doesn't work

I am trying to add a folder to the Do not virtualize access list and it adds it but then Comodo virtualizes it and starts from the container. I tryied adding the process itself - still to no avail. If that matters - the folder is in C:\Users\USERNAME\My Documents\My Games*
I also would like it so that Comodo asks me to virtualize the application or not. Not it never even asks me

All the programs running inside the Container(Sandbox) are allowed to modifiy or save data to this location
“Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders”

But all unknown files will contained accordingg to this policy (Note: the Column Description is not updated to current version)

Make sure your unknown file is good before you let it run outside the Containment,

You can Unblock the program, (if you unblock a program it will be added as a exclutions to every shield and added as trusted file.)

If you want an unknown program running outside the Auto-Containment you can add a ignore rule to the program.
Auto-Containment Rules, Containment Security Software | Internet Security | COMODO for that folder/file.
Or you can add that file to trusted File List
Comodo Help

You can’t make Containment to ask you what to do when a unknown program want to run.

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You can disable: [X]Do Not Show Privilege elevation ask alerts [Run inside the container] but that will only allow you to get alert when a unknown wants to run with elevated privileges (Admin rights) and it will ask you what you wan to do;
Run inside the Container, Run outside the container or Block.

With COMODO Cloud Antivirus (CCAV) you can configure the Sandbox (Containment) to ask you what you want to do when you run an unknown program.
(by default CCAV will auto-sandbox (auto-containment) an unknown program when you run it)

and CCAV will always show you an alert when you try to start an unknown program (instead of just once compared to CIS)
you can also click on “Dont sandbox this program again” from the alert. (witch add the program to sandbox exclution and Trusted Application)

Note: CCAV dosent have “Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders”
so you can’t save any files from the sandbox to your real Harddrive

CCAV is a simple and straightforward program with few settings and no firewall.
You can enable: Block outgoing connections from sandboxed applications.

CIS/CF is a customizeble program with alot of nice settings and have a firewall, you can also configure it to be more secure then the default settings. e.g Cruelsister1 settings etc

Thank you very much! now I was able to run that program outside the sandbox.

no problem :slight_smile: