Auto block all incoming/outgoing except firefox.


Is it possible to auto block all applications incoming/outgoing internet connection except for firefox?
I see for blocking application but seems you need to add one by one and it is a tedious task. If not possible can you make something like that. Something like this i browsed using firefox and any application connecting to internet will be automatically blocked and alert you that it was autoblock.


Not to my knowledge.
You could set the FW alert setting to ‘very high’ and the Defense alert setting to ‘paranoid’ and Comodo will alert you to anything going out or in.

Maybe somebody else will have a better/easier trick.

I open Firefox inside SandboxIE, which is set to only run Firefox and also set to only let Firefox access the internet.
If anything else wants to run or make an outside connection, an alert pops up saying it is blocked.
It even gave me an alert saying that something was trying to access my keyboard and it was blocked.

Sandboxie coupled with CIS is unbeatable imo.

Hi emilydale1993,

I thin you’ll find how to do what you are looking for in this post :;msg527949#msg527949