Auslogics registry cleaner

I would like someone to test the free auslogics registry cleaner and see how it compares to comodo. I would like someone to do this because I know from experience that auslogics makes great software like auslogics registry defrag and disk defrag. it looks and seems to be a very good program but not as good as comodo, of course not as good!!!

Ty atnskyline

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sorry comodo but i discovered a competitor… i tried auslogics and it is actually very good, it doesnt however contain anything but the registry cleaner so it isnt a threat to comodo cause comodo has provacy and disk cleaning too. it found over 600 entries after comodo scanned. i did away with them and my PC is a ton faster and everything runs much smoother and snappier. take a look at it. auslogics make great utilities. comodo and auslogics are my two favorites.

crc latest (csc .28) removed 1484 entries. restarted the computer and again scanned with crc. it found 36 entries. tried auslogics registry cleaner. my god it found 1041 entries in recommended mode and 1140 entries in advance mode. surprised when checked the found entries. all the entries were safe to delete i.e all the entries were related to removed or uninstalled softwares. must say auslogics registry cleaner is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry good software. removed all the entries. no probs. everythings fine. after deleting 1484 entries with crc and system restart auslogic found 1041 entries and that too safe to delete as explained above.

the conclusion is that auslogic is surprisingly way ahead than crc and must say way safer than our own crc. auslogic registry cleaner has left this good lasting impression on me in its very first use by me. just give it a try guyz…simple and very effective and must say you will feel confident removing the entries. but go for recommended mode if you are novice otherwise advanced mode for advanced users.

i personally dont like any registry cleaners except our own crc but tried and found auslogics to be veryyy good so kind of recommending it. good free softwares must be appreciated. right guyz…!!!


yes i agree. Thank you for listening to me when I said to try it. Usually I MYSELF am a bit weary before trying new registry cleaners but I know from past experience they are excellent.

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Hi ,
We have analysed Auslogics and we descovered that it detects many valid File Associations as Invalid . If a file extension record is linked to a non-existing type record, the entry is removed, otherwise is considered valid and is not removed… Many of the file extensions found by Auslogics as invalid are linked to existing type records . 2 pictures atached .
Auslogics finds so many entries because it detects some empty keys in File Extensions Section . This keys are detected even on a fresh copy of Windows . We will do some tests and if they are safe to delete , they will also be detected by CRC in a future release.
Auslogics also detects invalid shortcuts that has nothing to do with registry errors . Thanks

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ok thanxx for the info. even though i wrote a lengthy post regarding auslogics, i prefer comodo coz i trust comodo (thats why i have cis, boc, ve and csc on my system) and regarding any problem the forum here is soooooooooo helpful and ofcoz you guys too. actually i appreciated auslogics coz i have tried lots of registry cleaners and finally my search ended when csc was released, but i found auslogics simple and good too. and finally few suggestions for you guys. if you want to test others software test it but dont enhance your software comparing them with others. i mean dont enhance your software with functions and features just bcoz those features are there in others software (useless functions). enhance it in your own innovative ways. afterall comodo stands for innovative software, right guyz


i too trust comodo better because of my experiance with them is so much higher and greater. But I deleted all of them and my system is fine and is actually alot faster. Are you saying it is actually unsafe??? Ty for the new realease of CSC! Very good