is Au.exe a virus? how do i deal with it?


Are you using any “Ace Utilities” softwares…

You can check in add or remove programs… Click on the start button----> click on Control Panel–> Add or remove programs… Check whether you see any program named “Ace Utilities” is installed in your computer

If it’s located in system related folder(eg. System, System32 etc), it’s a BAGLE WORM.
Scan your PC with antivirus software.

well there is no ace utilities installed on my pc. but comodo is always asking if i want to allow or block this file… i also want to ask about rising.exe

You can check suspicious files with CIMA at this link.

Block them all.
Au.exe is a WORM.
rising.exe is a Virus too.
Lots of files on your PC are infected.

Check with CAV first. Then if you have still problem with it, check with NOD32.

Hi Eson06 ,

We can run an Instant registry can to fix the broken registry error. This scan will remove “Au.exe” files from the registry.

Click on this link and then run the Instant Scan and check for the problem


Eson06’s problem is not the registry.

His PC is infected by virus.

Hi Creasy,

I can understand his problem is because of some kind of threat but we cannot say exactly that this issue is 100% because of virus. Please check the below given link. It says that Au.exe error can also be fixed by running a registry scan…

au.exe - au.exe - Program Information

I’m pretty sure 100% because of virus.
He said he didn’t install Ace utility.
It means?

You can see ‘Description: Added by the BEAGLE.B WORM’ that you linked.