aTube catcher

Why comodo block aTube catcher? isn’t a malware, for use this i’ve unlock aTube catcher all system security for comodo, i’ve used comodo firewall with hips, i don’t understand this block atube catcher :o

Could you add a download link to the installer of this product and I will move your topic to the false positive board. Comodo will then look at the detection and reconsider it. What is the detection that you get? Potentially Unwanted Application?

Detection on block applications menù and the voice is antivirus (i presume viruscope), i did right click on this voice and add to application secure all the voice security, in this way i’ve no problem, when comodo update this “problem” comes back, and i redo this procedure to exclude this.
now I insert the link in the trusted list or the executable of the program so as not to have more problems later