ATTN DEVS: Development still active?

This has been in beta for a year now, And last beta release was 5 months ago.

Any news Umesh or CVA developer?


Yeah, I would like to know more, too.

Me too :). Last I heard, they were waiting on more applications to be submitted (for updates) or something like that. It’s been in beta for too long now :'(. Do the honourable thing and promote to stable ;D. This is a great tool and I would miss it.


In terms of functionality it does it’s job. Does not really require many releases.
It is being fully supported as database has been updated on daily basis except weekend without fail.

We are evaluating if we can have it as released version as database size has grown to a good extent.


Thank you umesh!


Thanks Umesh… Currently evaluating how it can be integrated into my system.