ATTN : CFP 3.0 Temporary Fixes

From egemen:

Hi Guys,

More than a million PCs is using CFP 3right now and the weird bugs/problems are posted in the help board.

2 of these problems seem to be recurring. Here are the temporary fixes until we update the executables:

1 - cmdagent.exe 100% CPU consumption:

This has been verified and fixed with the upcoming update. It is related to patched uxtheme.dll.
However, until the updates are issued the temporary fix is disabling the registry protection :

  • Defense±>Advanced->Defense+ Settings->Monitor Settings
  • Uncheck “Protected Registry Keys”
  • Press Apply and restart

2 - System Slowdown issue :
It is related to the load on comodo lookup servers.

Online file lookup must be disabled

  • Miscellaneous->Settings->Update
  • Uncheck “Automatically perform an online lookup for the unrecognized files” option
  • Press Apply button

Both 1 & 2 should solve the most of the problems.

3 - Email client problems

  • Firewall->Tasks->Stealth Ports Wizard
  • Select “Alert me to incoming connections”

Then Protocol analysis should be disabled.

  • Firewall->Advanced->Attack Detection Settings->Miscellanous
  • Uncheck “Do protocol analysis” option

Thank you all for the cooperation,


I will add my findings about the mail problem. Non of the above tips worked for me.
I finally uninstalled CFP 3 and rebooted.
The mail still didn’t work.
Cleaned the registry and rebooted.
It still didn’t work.
Now I opened my AV program NOD32 2.7 and opened IMON/setup and unchecked the IMON email checking on the POP3 tab.
Now my mail worked for the first time today!
You can try this even if you don’t have NOD32, but another antivirus program.
I hope this helps someone.