Attention Moderators etc - How can You Help the Users?

I realise this section is for How we can help Comodo however as I couldn’t find a section on how you can help and this subject isn’t related to one single product this seemed the best place to post it?

Attempting to learn as much as I can about all the available online security products (Comodo & Others) and the recommendation/suggestion that Layering is safer than having one single (all in one) suite product installed in-case it fails and the fact that Comodo offers so many different products ( leaves me very confused???

Whilst considering I have all available firewall settings active in my router, How many and which products do I need to install on my system that will provide me with the best protection at the same time not bogging my system recourses down?

I was under the impression that every icon next to the clock is constantly running and consuming resource power so wouldn’t that mean running 4 of your products compared to a suite plus 1 (something like BOClean?) be a better option?

I don’t think it’s fair to make this a vote or poll as no-doubt some of you don’t only rely on Comodo products.

So as not to fill this thread with too much clutter from any and everyone I and no doubt other Newbie’s would love to only hear suggestions from only the very experienced persons such as “Forum Moderators” and software designers etc please

SO perhaps we could make this thread something like

Current Best Online Security Options from Forum Moderators!

These options could then have links to the latest (updated to current version) product setup instructions etc (as there are heaps of threads/posts that confuse me as they are relate to older versions)

Probably best to make it a sticky so only you guys can add/edit it?

As a Newbie I recon the forum could really benefit with a good spring clean e.g. some sort of program that daily refreshes the forum site deleting any threads (not sticky’s) that haven’t been posted in for say 6weeks. Sure I or many may have viewed a particular thread today however found it was a waste of time.

Clean it right up so it’s not so bombarding/confusing for newcomers. Then perhaps they will stay and get the product rather than getting frustrated and heading back to Google for another security product search.

That’s how I ended up here after checking out many other sites this one was way down the list in Google. However compared to Mr or Mrs so & so that just plugged in their first new retail system I’ve been using PC’s for 14 years, just wasn’t as security conscious until now.

Anyway that’s my say and suggestion

What do you think?