attention international comodo users!

Hi Comodo users!
As some of you may know, some of our dedicated forum users have been translating CIS (Firewall and AntiVirus) into different languages. Now that we’re done with that task, it’s on to promoting CIS in foreign markets. I’m currently doing my own research into this, but I would be very appreciative if you guys situated in (or familiar with) foreign countries could suggest some media outlets we might want to tell about CIS. Magazines, blogs, websites…anything technology or PC security-oriented. Here’s the list of languages CIS will be available in (both the installer and the application itself):

So basically whatever media outlets you can think of for these languages’ countries. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it!



For France good magasine is Micro Hebdo.
Good reputation.
And the best site is : Logiciels, applications et jeux à télécharger -

For Russia best ones are:,,
Here you can get a lot of criticism,,, but they are rather respected among real IT geeks :slight_smile:

For Ukraine good ones are:
Magazine “Home PC” and related

Thanks guys, this is really helpful! ;D

AFAIK, the only interesting thing about computers we have in belgium is PC Magazine. I’ve even seen CFP in there if I remember correctly :wink:


Here are some for the dutch market…

this one does consumer tests

this is the dutch site for “safe banking…”
i think it’s in association with the dutch government and (dutch banks).

Oh yeah, this one is pretty interesting also :slight_smile:


Two most popular PC related magazines in Hong Kong.

My favourite page for computer news is Heise online.

They are the publishers of the German computer magazine c’t and provide a huge database with software for any purpose. Some COMODO products are also in their database. Actually I came to COMODO Firewall 2.4 after a search in their software database…

Other German computer magazines would be PC-Welt, CHIP, ComputerBild

In Estonia,

Latest one is one of the biggest computer magazines.
I’m coauthor/article writer in, the most famous Internet Security related site in here.

I’m making tutorial/review about CIS 3.9 there after we got Estonian installer working :slight_smile:

In india if you want to promote CIS you can use magazine like
Digit magazine
PC magazine
PC world magazine
Chip magazine

In website as per my info review if possible because for many indians and other people read them.

Again thanks everyone for taking the time to post these extremely helpful suggestions!

Ami, thanks for the write-up, I’d love to read it when it’s done :slight_smile:

I dunno really know how much this would help since they are actully part of idg but it is swedish biggest computer magazine


An other site for France.